About Our Roots

A Little Beet About Us

The terrific team at BEET Goodness are an innovative, energetic, and upbeet bunch of pioneers, passionate about providing you with rootin’ tootin’ goodness! We believe in the potent properties of plants, and have invested tons of time sourcing the very best natural and organic ingredients to bring you superior quality supplements specially formulated to boost your physical and mental wellness. Health care shouldn’t cost the earth - that’s why we’ve developed unbeetable vitamin and mineral supplements from raw, vivacious fruits and veggies at prices you can afford.

Our Roots

We’re deeply rooted in family and community. We care for our fellow beets, and truly believe in the healing power of raw, organic goodness to bring you unbeetable, balanced nutrition. We discovered the sensational, centuries old secret of natural supplements and we were bursting with excitement when we realised just how HAPPY and HEALTHY they made us feel. We travelled far and wide, across the seven seas, to source the finest ingredients, then we sailed home and tried and tested them back at the BEET Lab. We packed all the gorgeous goodness into teeny tiny tablets, and the results were so stupendous that they made our hearts skip a beet! We’re super-duper proud of our products and we know you’ll love them!

The Big Beet

We know you’re busy beets, and sometimes you just don’t have the time to eat a fully balanced diet. That’s where we step in. BEET Goodness fills in the gaps - supplementing the missing vitamins and minerals in your diet to boost your immune system, give you oodles of energy, and help keep your body happy and healthy! Providing a full range of selected vitamins and minerals formulated for optimal absorption - you can now enjoy unbeetable, balanced nutrition without thinking about it. From superfood multivitamins, essential minerals and fatty acids, to probiotics, herbal remedies and immune support - we’ve got you covered. They’re packed with goodness you just can’t beet.

What Makes Our Heart Beet

We’re positively passionate about HEALTH!! We’re driven to discover (and keep discovering) the delicious, nutritious ingredients jam packed in Mother nature’s veggie patch. We believe that the remedies to most ailments are found in the rootin’ tootin’ goodness of the fruits and veggies she provides. We’re committed to developing superfood supplements at every stage of your life, from baby beet and adult to Grandbeet - we’ll walk with you at every stage of your health journey.

Looking to the future, we hope to develop even more marvellous vitamin and mineral supplements in the Beet Lab to treat everything from the common cold, headache, and grumbling tum to throat tickle and cough. (Who knows - we may even come up with a natural and organic cure for hiccups and the man flu ;) With a medicine cabinet packed to the brim with BEET Goodness, together with good quality sleep and regular exercise - both you and your family will be on your way to enjoying unbeetable, happy and healthy lifestyles.

Dance to the beet of superior quality, affordable nutrition for the whole family with Beet Goodness Vitamin and Mineral Supplements!