Let Beety Tell You About Our Roots...

Hi I'm Beety... I am part of the terrific team at BEET Goodness, we are an innovative, energetic, and upbeet bunch of pioneers, passionate about providing you with Rootin’ Tootin’ Goodness!

We believe in sourcing the very best natural ingredients to bring you quality products specially formulated to boost your physical and mental wellness. We’re deeply rooted in family and community. We care for our fellow beets, and truly believe in unbeetable, balanced nutrition.

We’re super-duper proud of our products and we know you’ll love them! Dance to the beet of superior quality and affordable nutrition for the whole family with BEET Goodness.

Unbeetable Quality...

All our BEET Goodness products are manufactured in a facility that is SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. Our finished products are Halaal and Vegan & Vegetarian approved, packed in Recyclable & Sustainable primary packaging.

Claim From Medical Aid...

Our BEET Goodness products are recognized by most medical aids. This allows you to claim your purchase from your medical aid, by using the unique registered NAPPI Code found on the product label. This means that your medical aid may pay for your purchase or reimburse you in part or in full. The reimbursement will be dependent on your medical aid and plan.

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